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CubieTruck Metal Case is available now!


CubieTruck metal case (named CT-MC for short) designed by cubieteam is a new case for the open source hardware CubieBoard3. It has very strong and overbearing appearance, very simple and reasonable structure, and also with solid and high-grade materials. It is all ready for sale by now, looks like picture …

How to choose storage media in Cubieboard?

storage types

We have many considerations when choose the storage media in the computer system or some other electronic equipments. As we known, storage system is really very important and essential in computer architecture. And as the open source hardware, we must consider more than traditional computer because we have to face …

Ewell case has come, miniPC not be far behind


    Cubietruck’s Ewell case is the first one specifically designed for Cubieboard 3 and it makes Cubietruck become a high-end and classy commercialized MiniPC product. Ewell case can support a 5300 mAh lithium battery and a 2.5-inch mechanical hard disk drive or solid state drive. The entire product has …

Cubieboard3: Cubietruck is all ready


Cubietech announces, Cubieboard3 also named Cubietruck is all ready to ship, most of the dealers of cubieboard have some goods in stock by now. You can buy it from international shipping on-line shops or local dealer on-line shops listed in buy page. Comes with the Cubietruck standard package,there will be …

Cubietruck is put into trial production


To cater to the majority of enthusiasts demand, Cubieteam launched the 3rd open-source hardware product Cubieboard3 which is also named Cubietruck ( CT/CB3 for short). After finishing PCB layout, we spent 3 months time in debug, development and testing, finally put it into factory trial production in early September 2013. …


The 2nd PCB model cubietruck discussion

It has been nearly a year since the Cubieteam launched the first open-source-hardware product named Cubieboard in Aug. 2012.  The Cubieteam started with no product and no market penetration. But as one of Cubieteam, I oversaw the move into a national innovation incubator park from a peasant house, then develop a …