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1. Media and report Files

Download   Cubie logo and Pictures

Download   FCC Verification of cubieboard(A10).pdf

Download   FCC test report of Cubieboard(A10). pdf

Download   FCC Verification for Cubieboard2.pdf

Download   FCC test report for Cubieboard2.pdf

Download   FCC Verification for Cubietruck.pdf

Download   FCC test report for Cubietruck.pdf

Download   CE Verification for Cubieboard2.pdf

Download   CE test report for Cubieboard2.pdf

Download   CE Verificaton for Cubietruck.pdf

Download   CE test report for Cubietruck.pdf

2. Hardware Documents

  • Cubieboard1/2

Download   Cubierboard board dimensions (Autocad DWG format)

Download   Schematics of the Cubieboard rev. 1.0 2012-0808(the same as 0909)

Download   Block diagram of cubieboard (pdf)

Download  Cubieboard1&2_HW.pdf (pdf)

  • Cubietruck

Download   A20_Cubietruck_HW_V10_130606.pdf

Download   Mechanical_Design_CT_V10-130606.rar

Download  Ewell case installation recording EN&CN.pdf

3. Software Tools

  • Livesuit

Download    mac

Download    linux(64bit)

  • PhoenixSuit

Download    windows(32/64bit)

4. Firmwares

  • Cubieboard1

Link     Android                     (Include Android TV 1.0, Android TV 2.2)

Link     Lubuntu Desktop      (Include desktop-v1.04 and desktop-v1.05 and Kernel Source)

Link     Lubuntu Server         (Include server-v1.01 and Kernel Source)

  • Cubieboard2

Link    Android                       (Include Android 4.2_v1.01~Android 4.2_v1.05)

Link    Lubuntu Desktop        (Include lubuntu_desktop_v1.02~lubuntu_desktop_v1.06 and Kernel)

Link    Lubuntu Server           (Include server-13.06-v1.00 and server-13.06-v1.06)

Link    more                            (Include fedora,cubian, uboot and Kernel)

  • Cubieboard2-Dual Card Version Hardware

Link     Cuibeez image based on Debian for Cubieboard2-2Card Version

  • Cubietruck

Link     Android                       (Include Android 4.2_v1.00)

Link     Lubuntu Desktop        (Include ct_lubuntu_desktop_v1.00 and Kernel Source)

Link     Lubuntu Server           (Include ct_lubuntu_server_v1.00, kernel git repo and Kernel Source)

Link     more                            (Include fedora and usbboot-fel)

    Link     A20-android source   (notes:cubieboard2 and cubietruck use the same source code)


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