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Cross-Platform Hybrid Cloud with Docker based on Cubietruck


Chanwit is an Assistant Professor at School of Computer Engineering, Institute of Engineering, Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand. He co-founded SUT Aiyara Cluster Laboratory, where he has been co-developing low-powered ARM-based clusters for processing Big Data using Apache Spark and Hadoop. Chanwit is also a top contributor of Docker Swarm, …

PremoBoard in crowd funding right now


PremoBoard is designed by PremoBoard team from Italy (website: PremoBoard is a significant innovation in the usage of CubieBoard2. It brings dual Wifi, dual Lan ports and 4 USB host ports and can be applied in DMZ, Proxy, Firewall, TOR Node, Access Point, Router and so on… If you …

CubieScreen On Sale Now


Thanks to Ybmaker team’s work, CubieScreen makes CubieBoard1&CubieBoard2 to be a very tiny and cute computer. It also supports touch panel and its pixes is 800*480. The size of this LCD is 3.5 inch. Click here to watch the video by ybmaker:  Flickr(Oversea)  ;  YouKu(China) For more photoes of CubieScreen, …

The first Spark/Hadoop ARM cluster runs atop Cubieboards

Hadoop ARM cluster-1

<This article is from Chanwit Kaewkasi ‘s blog,thanks to Chanwit’s nice work> The Big Data Zone is presented by Splunk, the maker of data analysis solutions such as Hunk, an analytics tool for Hadoop, and the Splunk Web Framework.   An ARM chip is not for processing Big Data by design. However, it’s been gradually becoming …

CubieBoard colocation service Named Cubiebox first launched in France


Dynamic team made up of two talented individuals who are passionate about IT Technology, NanoXion is a young start-up specialising in hosting solutions in France, located in Tarbes (Hautes-Pyrénées) – FRANCE. They provide all kinds of high availability professional hosting solutions, server administration, maintenance and serverhousing service in their datacenter. …

G2 labs has released a DAC module for Cubieboard


The first high end DAC addon for Cubieboard is released and it’s called CubieNOS by G2 labs.   CubieNOS is what it sounds like. It’s a Non Oversampling (NOS) Dac. It’s designed by HIFI enthusiasts for enthusiasts and DIY people. “Our main focus is on best possible and natural sound and …