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How to use CubieTruck TSD version?

use-cubietruck TSD-3

Summary CubieTruck is the third generation product in CubieBoard series, it is very popular in the community. We have launched the CubieTruck TSD version in 2017, in this document we will describe how to use the CubieTruck TSD version. In the following post, CubieTruck TSD is called CT-TSD for short, …

The simple installation guide for CubieBoard4 metal case


CubieBoard4 is the most powerful open source hardware in CubieBoard series and this situation may not change in the foreseeable period of time. Because of the favor of enthusiasts, there were always some voices of making the totally enclosed case for CB4 in the forums. Back in July 2015, Cubie …

The prototype photos of CubieBoard5

Cubietruck Plus-appearance-1

The prototypes of CubieBoard5 which also would be named CubieTruck Plus comes out these days. We now have lots of verification work need to do. So I can only share some photoes here for all of you…