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How to use CubieTruck TSD version?

use-cubietruck TSD-3

Summary CubieTruck is the third generation product in CubieBoard series, it is very popular in the community. We have launched the CubieTruck TSD version in 2017, in this document we will describe how to use the CubieTruck TSD version. In the following post, CubieTruck TSD is called CT-TSD for short, …

CubieTruck Plus/Cubieboard5 Released Now!

cubieboard5 kit

Nowadays, embeded technology and open-source hardware have been growing very fast. With the support of everyone, within a few years, CubieTeam has developed a series of products, from CubieBoard1, CubieBoard2, CubieBoard3 to CubieBoard4. All of them widely praised by community and CubieBoard fans. Cubietruck, aka CB3, is the best one …

The prototype photos of CubieBoard5

Cubietruck Plus-appearance-1

The prototypes of CubieBoard5 which also would be named CubieTruck Plus comes out these days. We now have lots of verification work need to do. So I can only share some photoes here for all of you…

Preview of Einstein-A20, A unlimited potential Embeded Computer Module


Just like the previous announcement,  Cubietech will operate another product category other than Cubieboard series, we call it Einstein series. It’s also a relatively complete computer module, but with more potential feature expanding ability. Now we deliver the first member of this family Einstein-A20. With this product, the small company and …