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The Rainbow shell for CubieBoard1 and CubieBoard2

CB1&CB2 Rainbow shell-2

The Rainbow shell is specially designed for CubieBoard1 and CubieBoard2 which share the same PCB design. The top and bottom layers adopt transparent acrylic boards, so that the internal structure of the development board is clearly visible. The intermediate layers are stacked up with colorful acrylic boards that look like …

Ewell case has come, miniPC not be far behind


    Cubietruck’s Ewell case is the first one specifically designed for Cubieboard 3 and it makes Cubietruck become a high-end and classy commercialized MiniPC product. Ewell case can support a 5300 mAh lithium battery and a 2.5-inch mechanical hard disk drive or solid state drive. The entire product has …

Cubieboard case 2

New case sample back

In the previous post, Mr Xu has helped us design a case for the Cubieboard. Now the sample cases are ready. The case comes in two versions, black and white, and transparent. It looks like the¬†transparent one doesn’t look as good as in the picture. View the gallery for more …