ChirdTeam First Use CubieTruck as i-cloud Embedded Training Platform in Hangzhou

Chird Team made up of several individuals who are passionate about Technology. Chird is a young start-up specializing in embedded  technology training and embedded products R&D ,located in Hangzhou-China.

Chird Team compared with numerous board solutions by careful assessments, CubieTruck works more available and conforms to icloud-education.


Chird is a famous embedded training institution, firstly introduces ARM @ i-cloud service in education field by CubieTruck.  Chird Team actively promotes teaching mode reform.  It is the first step towards a combined education system with local colleges and universities. As a practice teaching platform, CubieTruck provides an effective way to train up  advanced technologies in embedded  system development  by all dimensions.


Why choose Cubietruck as embedded i-cloud education platform? 

Most of the traditional embedded training institutions  usually adopt PC + ARM target board  solution. By installing  virtual machine in PC for students using, the utilization rate of PC resources and development efficiency of students is very low. In either case, there is no help for students to absorb the knowledge of Linux system , and to understand hardware peripherals in this way.


The Cubietruck installed Debian Linux, provides i-cloud service for students and helps them deepen understanding of linux system throughout runtime environment. Every student gets a user account from Windows server, and connects to it by RDP protocol. The students can study and practice in the Cubietruck terminal. It can promote utilization of sever resources.

Some Technical Features  


  • Cubietruck works in the combination of one server and multiple cloud terminal by Giga byte network transmission, sharing with the same PC sever resources.
  • Every student gets a user account in PC sever center installed Windows system, which is convenient for students to write or reviews documents.
  • The cubietruck installed Debian Linux, provides i-cloud service for students and help them deepen understanding of linux system throughout runtime environment. Students also can freely log into windows system by RDP applications such as rdesktop、freerdp. Chird classroom offers data transfer by Giga bybe cables and switcher to guarantee
    a smooth network.
  • With Linux virtual machine installed under the Windows OS of  PC sever center, students can connect to the PC sever center to compile and develop. It can save precious time and improve work efficiently , further more reduce Cubietruck heavy burden.


The advantages of Cubietruck cloud classroom

  • Saving cost in hardware, Cubietruck is much cheaper than a PC computer
  • Very convenient to manage and maintain.
  • Small size (less than palm size), low power consumption, high integration and high performance
  • Easier to help students understanding Linux system
  • Provided  Mulit-interfaces and experiment cases for students, to activate their creative idea


Desire of Chird

Set embedded training , embedded teaching plan and embedded product development into a whole. Help train embedded  talents and  build a bridge for students and company personnel. To form an embedded engineer social circle, facilitating everybody to make like-minded friends, to understand industry dynamic,and to enrich lives…



Below is the Chinses initial verion:






  • 现有的嵌入式培训机构采用的教学硬件基本为一台PC机、一台ARM开发板。在PC机中安装虚拟机进行学习开发,这样的学习方式,不管是PC机资源利用率还是学生学习开发的效率都是相当低的,在虚拟机中开发也不利于学生对linux系统和硬件外设的理解。
  • 云教室采用cubietruck开发板作为云终端,安装debian linux系统让学生从始至终都在linux系统上学习,加深对linux系统的了解。服务器为每一位同学开一个用户,云终端通过RDP协议同时连接到windows服务器,大家可以在服务器学习和开发,合理利用服务器资源,减少资源的浪费。


  • 嵌入式云教室采用一台服务器,多台cubietruck云终端,通过千兆网线传输共享服务器模式。
  • 在服务器中安装windows系统,在windows中为每个云终端创建一个用户,方便学生进行文档的查看和编写。
  • Cubietruck云终端作为每个同学的mini PC机,安装debian linux系统,学生在linux系统中进行学习和开发,如果需要用到windows系统可以通过rdesktop、freerdp等RDP应用软件登陆服务器中。教室全使用千兆交换机和网线进行数据传输,确保网络的通畅性。
  • 服务器windows下安装linux虚拟机,当开始进行项目研发时,大家可以连接到服务器中对项目进行编译开发工作,节省编译时间提高工作效率和降低cubietruck云终端的负荷。


  • 节省硬件投入成本,Cubietruck作为一个嵌入式MiniPc,价格是相对PC比较低廉的
  • 方便管理维护
  • 更有助于学生对linux系统的了解
  • 丰富的外设(接口)、更多的实验,可以满足学生各种各样的创新想法

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