Cubieboard3: Cubietruck is all ready


Cubietech announces, Cubieboard3 also named Cubietruck is all ready to ship, most of the dealers of cubieboard have some goods in stock by now. You can buy it from international shipping on-line shops or local dealer on-line shops listed in buy page.

Comes with the Cubietruck standard package,there will be mainboard of CT, simple acrylic case, screws, miniUSB cable for reflashing the board,USB OTG cable for extanding a USB host 2.0 jack, SATA cable for connecting a HDD or SSD, power cable and heatsink. A kind of no color and environment fridendly materials is still adopted in the package.


At this moment, the resource and documents of Cubietruck are also almost ok. You can download the hardware documents from download page, and the demonstration images are also available to download.

  • Android 4.2.2

This Android OS comes with a TV Box launcher, support almost all type of high resolution video decoding. We can use it for home entertainment, android development skill learning, receiving/sending E-Mail, and so on.

You can download this android image from HERE.

Installation Guide of Android 4.2.2 is HERE.

  • Lubuntu 12.10 Desktop (v1.00)

With the the 2D/3D hardware acceleration support, the system makes sense for a real mini Linux PC, so that we can use it for office, email, surfing network, programming, and so on.

You can downloard it HERE.

  • Lubuntu Server 13.08 (v1.00)

This image is for who want to use cubietruck as a server, e.g. Personal web server, NAS, and so on.

Click here to Download.

  • FEL/USB Boot Image

We can treat it as a recovery system. With it, you can modify any files on the board memory without entering the system, and then debug the kernel with more efficiency.

Here is the guide.

Cubietruck will be preinstalled android 4.2, since we need to test all the hardware modules based on android system.

In software aspect, you can visit the document system of Cubietruck branch.

For documentations, please come to Here.

For lastest source code, please refer to Here.

With above two links, you can get almost all resources regarding cubietruck. However we will continue to improve the various documents about Cubietruck. If you are interested in it, you are welcome to join us.

Currently, we have proved that Fedora 19, Lubuntu desktop/server, Debian, Ubuntu 13.04 , Android 4.2, Arch Linux can run on Cubietruck, and we are cooperating with Mozilla engineers to get Firefox OS to run on this board. I think more and more linux distros will support this lovely red board.



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