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The 2nd PCB model cubietruck discussion

It has been nearly a year since the Cubieteam launched the first open-source-hardware product named Cubieboard in Aug. 2012.  The Cubieteam started with no product and no market penetration. But as one of Cubieteam, I oversaw the move into a national innovation incubator park from a peasant house, then develop a …

Cubieboard case 2

New case sample back

In the previous post, Mr Xu has helped us design a case for the Cubieboard. Now the sample cases are ready. The case comes in two versions, black and white, and transparent. It looks like the transparent one doesn’t look as good as in the picture. View the gallery for more …


A new case for cubieboard

One of our friend, Mr.Xu, owns a small company designing case for mobile phones. Now he has designed a case for cubieboard. The color will be black and white or transparent. For more pictures. view the gallery.    


Cubieboard Basket

FruitStand is a project started by Ben Linville aiming to make your working desk cleaner. “The FruitStand is a workspace that gives you flexibility.  You can pop the “baskets” on and off the FruitStand to quickly change out parts of your project.” Now Ben Linville has finished the prototype for the Cubieboard. For more pictures and information about FruitStand, …

Status of Indiegogo campaign

Today, Indiegogo send us the mail that they have already transferred the money to our account. Congratulations on raising funds for your Indiegogo campaign, cubieboard – open ARM box. Today, Tue Nov 20, we triggered a disbursement of $69,311 to your THE HONGKONG AND SHANGHAI BANKING CORPORATION LTD bank account. …

Unboxing of cubieboard prototype

This is a video that shows the unpacking of the Cubieboard prototype (2012-08-08 revision) made by Cubieboard user haritot. In this 8:10 minutes video, haritot shows Unboxing the prototype Items included in the package Showing individual components in the board Preparation and connection of a SATA disk with the included SATA/power …

Installing Ubuntu on the Cubieboard with Berryboot

To continue the unboxing video of Cubieboard, haritot made another video on how to install different Linux distributions on a microSD card for Cubieboard using berryboot; a GUI image installation tool. The steps that haritot goes through are: Get a microSD card. It is recommended to use a larger card …

indiegogo logo

Crowd funding

Since cubieboard announced, we have received more concern and demand than we expected. We had made 200 prototype boards and they have all been sold out quickly. There are more than 1000 users in our forum. And overy 4000 people subscribed to our notification list, and increasing at the speed …


Ready to ship

It’s the Mid-Autumn Festival today and the National Day tomorrow in China. Happy dual holiday : ). The following week the whole country will be on holiday, so the shipping of the first batch of cubieboard is delayed, but we are ready. The DC to USB cable and the SATA cable …


A simple case and why cubieboard

                      Cubie sounds like “酷毙” in Chinese,  “酷毙” means “Fucking Cool” in English. So we named this board Cubieboard. It’s really a very cooooool gadget as shown in these pictures ….