Status of Indiegogo campaign

Today, Indiegogo send us the mail that they have already transferred the money to our account.

Congratulations on raising funds for your Indiegogo campaign, cubieboard – open ARM box. Today, Tue Nov 20, we triggered a disbursement of $69,311 to your THE HONGKONG AND SHANGHAI BANKING CORPORATION LTD bank account.
We estimate that you will receive the funds by Tue Nov 27.
If you have not received your funds by Tue Nov 27, your disbursement may have been rejected due to incorrect bank account information.
Summary of Funds Raised on ‘cubieboard – open ARM box’:
Total Amount Raised: $96,129
$74,555: Amount Raised by Credit Card
  • $6,709: Indiegogo Platform fee (9.0%)
  • $2,236: Payment processing fee (3.0%)
  • $25: International wire transfer fee
+ $3,727: Credit Card Goal Completion Refund (5.0%) = $69,311: Net Credit Card Funds
$21,574: Total Amount Raised by PayPal
  • $1,941: Indiegogo Platform fee (9.0%)
  • $647: Estimated payment processing fee (3.0%)
+ $1,078: PayPal Goal Completion Refund (5.0%) = $20,063: Estimated Net PayPal Funds

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