A Debian Image for Cubieboard2 – Cubieez


Cubieez is created by drkbcn from cubieforums. It is based on Debian 7.1 ARMHF.  Let us take a look at the description of the image.  (Please see the origin topic at here)

Whats new on Cubieez 1.0 (A20)

  • Kernel 3.4.43 with perfomance governor and NOOP I/O Scheduler (patwood’s kernel branch)
  • New Cubie-config script, some bugs fixed (still without nandinstall mod)
  • MALI + G2D + CedarX support
  • Verbose boot
  • Static MAC address (uEnv.txt)
  • Updated iceweasel

To do / Known bugs

  • Make flash sites work with normal users (permission related bug? Help needed)

Some features of Cubieez for A20

  • CPU governor set to performance
  • I/O Scheduler to NOOP increases perfomance on flash devices
  • Kernel 3.4.43 with ARMHF from patwood’s “cedarx” branch
  • Based on Debian 7.1 Wheezy, creating the rootfs from zero for Cubie
  • Kernel support to major USB Wi-Fi adapters
  • Clock & date synchro with fake-hwclock (via ntp)
  • Debian 7.1 ARMHF repository (better than Ubuntu one)
  • LXDE base desktop with low mem consumption
  • audio CODEC (jack audio) and sunhdmi (HDMI audio)
  • microSD activity to green led (you can change it to blue into rc.local)
  • X11VNC, SSH (SFTP too) and other basic utils installed
  • iceweasel browser
  • Gnome Mplayer (less CPU consumption than lxmusic)
  • Benchmark tools (@ /root)
  • Lightweight, only 2GB microSD required. Can be expanded to bigger ones.

Info: users: root / cubie unified password: cubieboard (change it on first boot, please) Default IP: (edit /etc/network/interfaces or use NetworkManager)

A New Nand Image

I want to share a little news, that is I have created a cubieez nand image here according to drkbcn’s great work. After downloading and extracting the image, we can flash it to nandflash directly with livesuit/phoenixsuit.

for cubietruck, please use this link

Thanks to drkbcn and the people love cubieboard!

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