OpenPCTV on Cubietruck/Cubieboard2

OpenPCTV is a powerful mini VDR Linux distro.  The system consists LINUX + Enigma2PC + VDR + XBMC components.  The project is totally open source, which is hosted on sourceforge.  I think it’s  a very interesting project, and I hope there will be more people involved.


It is integrated with XBMC 12.2frodo,VDR 2.0.2,Enigma2PC

It supports more than 60 languages,switching once to change to the language interface of XBMC/VDR/Enigma2. You don’t need to manually edit the configuration file,using the dialog menu style to complete the most of configurations.

You can normally use it by copying the ISO file to a USB disk(creating a virtual disk files loopdisk.img in a USB disk, USB disk capacity shall be no less than 1G) It supports hardware decoding of AMD HD5xxx (and above) video card and Nvidia video card(Both use VDPAU). It can be normally used under VDR/XBMC, currently only supports Nvidia video cards under Enigma2.

It directly drives infrared receiver device using the kernel, common IR remote devices can directly support VDR/XBMC without any configuration. For DVB and V4L device driver it provides both kernel support and additional driver packages support, The additional packages including S2-liplianin and TBS can be selected to install in the configuration setup.

DiSEqC setting and channels scanning are all configured with dialog menu style. According to the configuration of DiSEqC.conf , it uses scan-s2 to scan channel.  *XVDR addon is already installed in XBMC, you can watch VDR TV shows with XBMC by default..


(1) Download

(2) Installing

 Download the above three files (compression bag script.bin not allow wifi card to work)

chmod 755 make-sdcard   # modify the script execute permissions

. / make-sdcard / dev/mmcblk0 openpctv-devel-20131128.cubietruck.tar.bz2  # tf card production start,mount card boot partition, cp download script.bin to  the partition.

(3) Using It

login in with root:root.

Setup :network configuration, sound (three channels) Channel selection and configuration of VDR and so on. lirc infrared receiver not yet complete.infrared .



We’ve proved that OpenPCTV can run on cubieboard2 and cubietruck. There are still some problem on cubiebord2/cubietruck, but it’s a good start

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