Lubuntu Desktop/Server Firmwares Release for A20-Cubieboard – 20130907

After a period of work, we are pleased to release several lubuntu desktop/server firmwares for A20-Cubieboard.
Customizing a linux distrobution requires plenty of trivial things. Cubie is a small team that we
can provide limited functionality Linux/Android OS. But, we will continuously improve them with our best efforts.
I hope Cubie will bring us more knowledge, skills or friendships.

Let’s back to the topic, the new firmwares for A20-Cubieboard are

1. lubuntu desktop 12.10 v1.05(nand)
2. lubuntu desktop 12.10 v1.05(card)
3. lubuntu server 13.06 v1.00 nand

And the download URL is


Release Note:

1. Upgrade the almost latest linux-sunxi 3.4 kernel
2. Mali GPU is enable by default
3. Providing lubuntu desktop(12.10)/server(13.06) firmwares for nand install
4. Providing a lubuntu desktop(12.10) card image
For installing, just extract it with gzip, then dd it to your card
5. USB OTG should work now
6. sata, microSD, wifi(8188eu, 8192cu), usb, gpio, pwm, HDMI, ir, audio, ethernet have been tested


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