Introduce to appearance of Ewell case for CT

Mr. Xu and Mr. Zhang, friends of mine, are in charge of a small company named Ewell and focus on cottage phone enclosure mold design for others in ShenZhen China. Their works is too exact so that we can not distinguish it from the real. Sometimes, I go to visit them and always would have a joyful talk. Almost every time I arrived, they would give me two popular phones which are shutdown, and asked me to point out which one is the quality product. I played for a long time and failed finally. They were self-satisfied when I was in times of difficulty. Then asked tightly: “is it amazing?” I have to echo with “You are so great!” But I always felt that in my heart, “you guys have finished such an exact thing after working hard all day, but it certainly will be in the shadows of big brand. That is you want? ” .

This time is much different when I received their case design paper for cubietruck. It lighted my eyes.I was excited immediately, and then replied one sentence: “I’m proud of you!”

I would like to introduce the Ewell case to all the geeks. It’s an appearance design with some Chinese style. It adopts China Red as main color tone, this meets CubieTruck’s red route. It also takes into account 2.5-inch hard drive and li-po battery installation possibilities, supports all the interfaces of CubieTruck, even the Reset and FEL keys.
The overall shape of this case is simple and generous. It will be sprayed with rubber paint on all the surfaces in order to enhance touch feeling. At the top side, a Cubie mascot will be printed, a monkey tasting his finger. There is CubieTruck logo in the front side except all the native interfaces. The designer has made some cooling holes at the other shadow side to maintain long time stable running. It is necessary, actually, since the HDD will generate large amount of heat when long-term operation.

The bottom side of the case is black with 8 screw holes. The outer 4 screws are used to install CubieTruck PCB, and the middle 4 screws are used to fix the HDD. After installation, 4 rubber pads will be filled up, which can be used to prevent slippage.

There is a mysterious pattern in the middle of the bottom side, which is also can be used for heat dissipation. Now I would like to say a few words to introduce the pattern that all Chinese people most proud of.

The above pattern named double-fish eight-diagram Tai-Chi chart, is originated firstly by Fuxi who is the forefather of China nation about 8,000 years ago. It has affected Chinese astronomy, politics, economy, military affairs, culture and other fields for thousands of years, even now has a significant impact with the world’s aerospace, computer, weather, health system. Tai -Chi chart is a high abstract pattern which was created at no written record of the times. It is a high summary of universe, life and nature after Fuxi’s long period of observation and thinking.

There are many annotation versions made by later generation. Most of them were closed logically and not conflicting, so they already have became the theoretical foundation in each field, such as Divination, Astronomy, Ephemeris, Feng Shui science, Martial Art,Traditional Chinese Medicine etc… The most famous annotation version was made by West Marquess (King Wen of Zhou Dynasty ) , while he was in prison. There is a famous line “King Wen was arrested and then deducted ” in the《Records of the Historian》by Sima Qian. King Wen’s annotation is regarded as number 1 of all the scriptures in China. It was a required subject and must be tested courses in Chinese traditional education for thousands of years.

The key subject of King Wen’s version was to adopt the deductive logic thinking, and educed 64 x 64 = 4096 varieties. Each of them was given a certain meaning and interpretation, then used to explain the complex phenomenon. It’s very rare that none contradiction and loophole can be found in it.
Here to talk about my personal simple understanding of Tai Chi chart. The word Tai Chi here means thing. Maybe in modern times, Tai Chi can be replaced by the word “system”. Like a system, Tai Chi can be big, big to the universe, also can be very small, small to a cell or atom. It can be an individual, also can be a cohesive group. The chart used a circle to represent a Tai Chi. Even today it looks still reasonable and smart, since only circle is perfect. The Tai Chi chart shows each Tai Chi has pros and cons. A statement in : “Tai Chi promoting dual character.” Dual character refers to Yan and Yin. In the Chart, white fish represents Yan which means obverse side of things and black fish represents Yin which means reverse side of things. Tai Chi chart tells us each thing contains two aspects of positive and negative, and the two forces exist simultaneously. Look at the diagram, the two fishes are mutual occlusion, one is biting another’s tail, rolling and traveling ceaselessly, like going to be a cliffhanger. It tells us the Tai Chi always contains two forces, like a pair contradiction, they are always in the struggle, but no the final outcome. If have separated the final outcome, the Tai Chi is going to die. This is a very accurate philosophy thinking, just to name a few examples can demonstrate its correctness and profoundness. In physics, an object to balance need for action and reaction at the same time, the phenomenon of life need for the birth and death, appeared more men and fewer women or more women and fewer men in a family,both are not good phenomenon…… Without exception, all things can be explained with it.

Continue to look at the chart, you’ll find out white fish eyes are black, and black eyes is white. Why should draw it like this? Tai Chi chart wants to tell us: each thing contains two aspects of positive and negative, like a contradiction in constant struggle, it will never end. It just like “Contradiction is the unity of opposites”. However, positive aspects and negative aspect are not absolute, wherein the positive aspect include negative factors, and in the nagetive aspect include positive factors, just like “contradiction is always in motion and change”. Tai Chi tells us that we must look at a problem dialectically, things are not absolute, for example there is no absolute good man and thing, good in certain conditions will do bad things and bad people in certain circumstances also doing good. “Blessing in disguise, blessing in disguise,” is a good story, which tells us that good things come will become bad, bad things might have finally come good, also like “good fortune lies within bad fortune, and bad fortune lurks within good fortune”.

The above we have known “Tai Chi promoting dual character”, in the next sentences are “dual character promoting four images, four images promoting the eight diagrams”. Image in Chinese means phenomenon or attribute, diagram is the same with image. Four images is used to explain like east south west north of four directions, spring summer autumn winter in four seasons, heaven earth water fire four kinds of the most basic human living conditions……But it’s not precise enough, then four images promoting the eight diagrams. They are used to explain the eight basic directions, and heaven earth fire water wind thunder mountain swamp and any other things like that kind. Then puts eight diagrams two two permutations and combinations, deduce the 64 diagrams, and give it with the definition and interpretation, used Yao line to indicate all of them in the figure. Based on 64 diagrams, we can get 64*64=4096 diagrams by two two permutations and combinations. It can be used to predict complex universe and protean life phenomenon after giving it a decided definition. So i think is a huge deductive system full of materialism……

Now i have strayed from the point,can not continue in-depth. Cubieteam will open the mechanical design files soon. I’m sure Ewell case is just one design nowadays, and there will be more and better design come out later.



上面的图案叫做双鱼八卦太极图,是华夏民族的祖先伏羲氏在距今约8000年前首创,已经影响中国天文、政治、经济、军事、文化等领域几千年,如今对世界的航天、计算机、气象、医疗卫生系统等也产生了重大影响。太极图是一个高度抽象的图案,它产生于没有文字记录的时代,是伏羲氏经过长期观察思考对宇宙人生自然的高度总结。后人对太极图的文字解释有很多,但是不管哪种解释,它们做到了封闭和无矛盾,总会成为各个领域的理论基础,比如占卜,天文星历,风水,武术,中医….., 基本上都是以八卦太极图为基础理论。其中最为著名的一个解释是商朝末期西伯侯周文王的一个注解,这个注解是周文王在狱中所著,司马迁《史记》中有“文王拘而演周易”的说法,也就是称为群经之首的《周易》,是几千年来中国读书人必修和必考的功课之一。

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